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Quad9 Network Providers: WoodyNet, PCH.net, i3D, GSL Networks

Quad9 utilizes multiple network providers in our global network. When running a DNS leak test, or determining the IP address which is used to perform the recursive DNS query using a test like:

dig +short A whoami.akamai.net

it's expected to see IP addresses owned by the following providers:

  • WoodyNet (AKA PCH.net)
  • PCH.net
  • GSL Networks
  • i3D

These organizations are also listed on the Sponsors page of the Quad9 website: https://quad9.net/about/sponsors

If you are trying to simply determine if you are using Quad9, you can visit https://on.quad9.net instead of relying on a DNS leak test. However, a DNS leak test can be useful to ensure you're exclusively using Quad9, which is required to ensure that all of your DNS requests will be protected by Quad9.