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Setup: OpenWrt (LuCI)


The OpenWrt Project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices, which is often used as an open-source solution for routers. This guide covers setting Quad9 in the DNS forwarder settings. When using your OpenWrt router as a DNS server, it will forward DNS requests to Quad9.


0. Log into your LuCI control panel, typically at

1. Navigate to Network -> DHCP and DNS

2a. Set and, or the addresses of your preferred Quad9 service in the "DNS forwardings" input fields.

2b. If your network supports IPv6, you can also add 2620:fe::fe and 2620:fe::9, or the IPv6 addresses of your preferred Quad9 service. openwrt1.png
3. Click Save & Apply at the bottom. Since you are not changing the DHCP settings, the change should be instantaneous after this. openwrt2.png

4. Confirm you're using Quad9 on Linux, MacOS, or Windows.