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DNS over TLS - Windows 10 (Stubby /w GUI)


Note: Stubby with the GUI is in development. Quad9 recommends checking regularly for new releases.

Stubby is an open-source application that acts as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver using DNS over TLS (DoT). Stubby encrypts DNS queries sent from a client device (desktop or laptop) to a DNS Privacy resolver increasing end user privacy.

Step 1

Download and install the latest Stubby.msi file with GUI support.


Step 2

Once installed:

  1. Open Stubby from your Windows applications list (Start)
  2. Select the "Network Profiles" tab.
  3. Select only the "Quad9" option, and click "Apply All".
  4. Switch Stubby "On" and make sure the status becomes "Running".

When the status is "Running", Stubby should automatically set itself as the DNS resolver in the Windows DNS settings, so there is no need to configure anything manually on the network adapter.

When you close this menu, Stubby will continue to run and be available in your system tray.


Step 3

Verify that Stubby is configured to use Quad9 and set itself as the DNS resolver on the system by going to https://on.quad9.net/ for a "YES" or "NO" confirmation.