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Recommended (Secure)2 Service

As the name implies, our Recommended service is the service we would recommend to most users and is the one typically chosen. This service protects our users using the following features:

Quad9's Blocklist - At Quad9, we block “malicious” domains, which in some way, are intended to directly lead to behavior or results that a reasonable end user would consider detrimental (e.g. malware, phishing, spyware, and botnets). Users will receive an “NXDOMAIN” response if a site is blocked; the end user system acts as if the domain does not exist.

DNSSEC - DNSSEC secures DNS by making sure that the authorized name server that is providing answers is indeed the server that is designated and allowed to provide answers for that domain. For more information on what DNSSEC is and why it is important, we recommend reading the following post from ICANN: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/dnssec-what-is-it-why-important-2019-03-05-en

Encryption - At Quad9 we believe user privacy is of the utmost importance so all services support the use of the following encrypted protocols: DNS over TLS (DoT), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and DNSCrypt.

Configuration details for Quad9's Recommended service are below:

IPv4 Primary -

IPv4 Secondary -

IPv6 Primary - 2620:fe::fe

IPv6 Secondary - 2620:fe::9

DoT - dns.quad9.net

DoH - https://dns.quad9.net/dns-query

DNSCrypt - quad9-dnscrypt-ip4-filter-pri & quad9-dnscrypt-ip6-filter-pri

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