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Setup: Windows Server DNS Forwarding

Setting Quad9 as a forwarder on your Windows server allows all devices on your network that are pointed at your DNS server to utilize Quad9's services.

Please follow the steps below for configuring Quad9 as a forwarder on your local Windows DNS server.

Step 1

Open Server Manager from the Start menu. ServerManagerCropped.png

Step 2

From Server Manager, select Tools > DNS. ToolsCropped2.png

Step 3

From the DNS Manager, right-click your server and select Properties. Step_3_DNS_Manager.PNG

Step 4

Select the Forwarders tab and then select Edit. Step_4_edit_forwarders.PNG

Step 5

Add the appropriate Quad9 IP addresses for your needs. Once you have the addresses entered, select OK. For more information on which server is right for you, please visit our Quad9 IPs and Other Settings page. We strongly suggest entering both a primary and a secondary address as a precaution. Step_5_Quad9_Addresses.PNG

Step 6

Select Apply and OK. Step_6_apply.PNG

Your Windows server is now configured to forward DNS queries to Quad9.