Quad9 Helps Protect You While Working From Home…Oh, and All the Other Times Too!

Under a Shelter-in-Place Order?

As physical offices and schools shut down worldwide, people are rapidly relying more and more on a home-based telecommuting environment. Security protections once provided by enterprise or school network administrators must be available to the home network. There is, of course, fraud now explicitly targeting the current crisis – here is one example of an FBI warning. The main threat is the sudden shift and removal of security protections created by users moving outside of their typical networking environment.

Quad9 is a free service that protects against a wide range of cyber-risks, reducing the chances that a rapid shift to working and schooling at home leads to security gaps, allowing malware infection or phishing attacks to succeed.

Quad9 provides a dynamic list of sites that protect against the following types of threats:

  • Phishing and identity theft scams
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Command-and-control botnet systems for viruses, worms or other forms of malicious software

Sites on the list are unreachable, while the vast majority of the Internet remains open and easy to access. Quad9 uses the Domain Name System (DNS) lookup at the start of every click or Internet transaction to perform this analysis. It is quick and invisible to search for and block malicious content from reaching your devices. 

Simple and Easy to Implement Protection

Quad9 is just one component of any work or study-at-home protection strategy, which should include anti-virus software and email filtering. DNS-based methods such as Quad9 can be effective at blocking a large portion of threats, and the investment of time to configure is a few minutes of implementation, leading to a significant return on investment, even on the first threat thwarted. 

No special software, downloads, contract, or sign-up is required. To obtain the free service, change the DNS servers for your laptop, PC, phone, or any Internet-connected device to use the Quad9 IP addresses: & For video instructions on how to make those changes on some common systems, see the Quad9 website.

You can also download our Android App for your phone or tablet:

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About Quad9

All use is anonymous, and Quad9 is built to GDPR specifications and does not store or transmit personal data, as personal data is never collected. Quad9 is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide these services to protect the users and infrastructure of the Internet.

 Contact our support team if you have any questions or need additional assistance.