Sony's Legal Attack on Quad9, Censorship, and Freedom of Speech

A potentially precedent-setting legal case involving Sony Music and Quad9 may endanger internet freedom of speech and allow unchecked content censorship.

Q: What is the legal case?

Sony Music Entertainment Germany is litigating against Quad9 requiring us to block access to a website that links to a site containing files that Sony asserts are violating their copyright.

Q: What are the broader implications of this legal case?

We maintain that Sony's request essentially amounts to content censorship and risks cracking the foundations of a free and open Internet, in Europe, and potentially worldwide. Censorship, in turn, can lead to undue restrictions on freedom of speech.

Q: What threats are posed if Quad9 loses this case?

The outcome of the case is significant for Quad9 ... and global internet users:

  1. Other Corporations Can Block Sites: If Sony wins and Quad9 is forced to block access to the site, other companies can use this precedent to block sites they don't like, for example, for commercial or political motives.
  2. Spread Globally: The EU is a world leader in protecting the privacy and human rights of internet users. If Sony wins this case, will end users and policymakers outside the EU follow the lead and adopt similar censorship policies?

Q: How can you help?

  • Make a Donation: The litigation puts a financial and operational strain on Quad9 as we fund our defense, and this case may lead to more legal challenges in other jurisdictions. Make a donation today
  • Become a Sponsor: Quad9 is a nonprofit foundation providing our DNS service across 200 locations in 90 countries to individuals and organizations at no cost. We rely on grants from company sponsors to fund our rapidly expanding infrastructure and service. Would you like to participate in an ongoing substantive sponsorship at Quad9? Send a message via our Contact Us page.
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