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Quad9 is a free, recursive, anycast DNS platform that provides end users robust security protections, GDPR-backed privacy guarantees, and which uses a high performance worldwide network.

Security: Quad9 provides threat blocking for you and your devices by blocking known malicious domains, preventing your computers, mobile devices, and IoT hardware from connecting to malware or phishing sites. Whenever a Quad9 user clicks on a website link or types in an address into a web browser, Quad9 checks the site against a list of domains combined from many different threat intelligence partners. Based on the results, Quad9 either completes or denies the lookup attempt, preventing connections to malicious sites when there is a match.

Privacy: Quad9 retains no personal data about you. There is no sign-up, account, or contract to use the service. No IP addresses are stored or transmitted off the systems in the field, and Quad9 is a non-profit with no other hidden products which rely upon a revenue stream derived from personal data or “upsell” opportunities. Quad9 is based in Switzerland, where strict laws regulate these promises.

Performance: Quad9 systems are distributed worldwide in more than 183+ locations in 90 nations. These servers are located primarily at Internet Exchange points, meaning that the distance and time required to get answers is lower than almost any other solution. These systems are distributed worldwide, not just in high-population areas, meaning users in less well-served areas can see significant improvements in speed on DNS lookups. The systems are “anycast” meaning that queries will automatically be routed to the closest operational system.