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Quad9 is the custodian of a global DNS infrastructure which exists to facilitate human rights of communication and participation in governance and civil society. We exist to serve the privacy, security, and performance needs of our users.

Quad9 safeguards our users’ privacy by not collecting our users’ personal data; we serve the public benefit directly, rather than profiting from their personal data.

Quad9 safeguards our users’ security by blocking connections between their devices and malicious domains on the Internet.

Quad9 provides performance to users by deploying servers in hundreds of communities around the world in order to provide service locally. Our non-commercial status sets us apart in giving equal priority to otherwise underserved regions.

Occasionally conflicts arise between these needs, and Quad9 seeks to balance conflicting demands in a way that is ethical and uncompromising of any individual user's rights or trust while serving the needs of the many.

Quad9 commits to obey the law in any country in which it operates. Therefore, it will only operate in countries with a rule of law compatible with Quad9's ethics and moral duty to protect users. If a government were to use national law to attempt to force Quad9 to act in a way that would harm users (such as collecting information that might de-anonymize an at-risk individual), Quad9 would withdraw from operations in that country. This does not mean users within that country would be prevented from using the Quad9 service (unless the country itself prevented them); the service will operate from locations in nearby countries.

Our privacy policy is a shield to protect the privacy rights of the public. However, it is not a shield for individuals who seek to harm others with impunity.